Four Myths About Buying Bulk Vapes

Four Myths About Buying Bulk Vapes

Four Myths About Buying Bulk Vapes

10 May 2023
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Vapes can be expensive, especially when you buy them in small quantities. But you can save a lot of money by buying vapes in bulk instead.

Unfortunately, there are a few myths about purchasing vapes in large quantities. Here are four myths about buying vapes in bulk.

1. Myth One: Bulk Vapes Lose Their Quality More Quickly

It's true that if you don't store your vapes properly, they may lose their quality. But that's not because you bought them in bulk — it's because you didn't store them properly.

Vapes don't lose quality from being exposed to air; they lose quality from being exposed to heat and light. If you keep your vapes in a cool, dry place, they should last just as long as if you bought them one at a time. It's also important not to store your vapes in a car or anywhere else where they could get hot and humid.

2. Myth Two: You Won't Be Able To Find Your Favourite Brand If You Buy Them In Bulk

Bulk buying does not mean that you're going to be stuck with a lifetime supply of less popular vapes. Many popular brands can be found in bulk packs or ordered at wholesale prices from various suppliers. So, you can continue to enjoy your preferred brand while taking advantage of the convenience and cost savings associated with buying in bulk.

3. Myth Three: Only Heavy Vapers Buy Big

While large packs suit higher volume use, many social and casual vapers also value bulk for affordability and convenience. Big volumes often last months for some, supplementing smaller packs as wanted. Rather than fueling unhealthy excess as the myth suggests, bulk packs often enable moderation and restraint by making a limited budget go further.

4. Myth Four: Big Vape Packs Mean A Messier Experience

While more liquid could mean more spills or leaks if mishandled, the materials and impacts remain consistent regardless of bottle size.  The assumption that higher volume equals a messier experience is misguided. Big vape packs simply provide more of the same liquid, not versions that somehow produce less vapour or leave more stains. For most, the rates at which they naturally tend to vape—and refill or change coils—remain steady, guided by personal style and not pack size.  

Buying vapes in bulk can provide numerous benefits, from cost savings to convenience. Don't let these common myths deter you from making a smart choice for your vaping needs. By properly storing your vapes and choosing a trusted supplier, you can ensure a high-quality experience while saving money in the long run.

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